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                Want Media

                Since its establishment in 2010, Want Media has sought to use their unique perspective to capture the essence of the company - recording every single milestone Want Want has achieved. All the content is modified to align with our company culture and it is the only internal television station of the group.

                Want Media is rich in content, besides TV programs, it also covers the production of films, documentaries, product promotion films, micro films, education training, etc. Want Media covers a wide-array of content such as new about our factories, sales branches, sales offices, Want Want China Times Media Group and other transfer units.

                Following what the company standbys: "inheritance", "learning", and "cohesion", we are prompt to broadcast Want Want's new policies, share employees' daily lives, explain economic changes, and show new event trends. We believe this is one of the strongest and most powerful ways to deliver high-quality Want Want news to everyone and provide more value to the group.

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